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Protect your xs-xl mountain bike on any standard tray, trunk, and front wheel/fork hanging rack while allowing the rack's existing securing mechanisms to pass through the bike/cover combo

Mountain biking is by nature a dirty endeavor. However, traveling to trail heads and events can not only cause premature wear on the bike and its components, it can compromise your performance and all you’ve invested to have the best ride possible. Other solutions on the market don’t fully protect the bike from the elements and obscure your vehicle-based taillights, creating a legal and safety hazard. The ZEAL Pro bike cover for mountain bikes provides a revolutionary new approach to protecting your standard mountain bike or eBike mountain bike while allowing all the traditional rack securing mechanisms to pass through the bike/cover combo while still protecting the bike. The materials used in the construction of the bike cover are the best we could find and the engineering behind it won us two patents.

With a single ZEAL Pro bike cover, a single industry standard mountain bike from XS to XL (with 29” wheels) can be protected while on tray-based, post-mast, and front wheel hanging racks, all with the same cover. With our innovations, the same cover can be used across all the standard industry racks and the tailgate of your truck.  Additionally, a ZEAL Pro Light Kit that utilizes your vehicle's 4-pin trailer plug is available and can be mounted on the cover to ensure that when the bike/cover combo are behind your vehicle you’ll continue to have full functioning taillights.

The ZEAL Pro bike cover is built to withstand the realities of being on a bike rack and traveling through the gnarlyest of storms. With a proprietary combination of heavy-duty neoprene, nylon, and a waterproof and abrasion eliminating backing, and great engineering, the ZEAL Pro bike cover is designed to protect your bike so that it’s ready to perform when you need it to.
Other design features include:
• A flexible, neoprene-based section at the fork that allows your front wheel to rotate up to 90 degrees
• Includes removable handlebar covers (ZEAL® Pro Skinny Pawz) that can be removed to allow ZEAL® Pro Fat Pawz (sold separately here) to be attached to accommodate larger bar ends or handlebar mitts (ie, this same bag can be used on your fat-bike!)
• An expandable handlebar section to make it easier to pull the cover over the handlebars
• Front and rear wheel pass-throughs that allow rack straps to pass through for securing to racks with straps
• An opening under the crown of the fork which allows you to secure the bike to front fork and front wheel handing racks
• Accommodates tires / wheels up to 29" x 4"

NOTE:  The ZEAL® Pro Bike Covers are NOT recommended for roof racks

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Important Note: If the ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover obscures your vehicle’s taillights, use only with a properly installed ZEAL® Pro Light Kit. The ZEAL® Pro Light Kit is required when using the ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover with trunk or hitch mounted bike racks. Verify that the ZEAL® Pro Light Kit is working properly before driving. For more information on using your ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover safely, please see the Usage Guidelines (

Aaron Campbell

Endurance MTB racing is inherently a dirty endeavor. By the end of most races, my bike and I are covered in dirt & mud. However, I never want to start a race with a dirty bike. I regularly spend lots of time & effort overhauling my bikes before an event and all that effort (and expense) can quickly be wasted if there's rain/snow/mud/etc on the way to the race. A clean bike is a happy bike & my ZEAL® Pro Bike Bag allows me to keep my bike clean, happy & FAST from the work stand all the way to the racecourse, no matter the weather and road conditions. And, when I'm just traveling with the bikes for fun on road trips (or just around town), my ZEAL® Pro Bike Bags protect my bikes from mother nature's worst, helping to prolong the life of my components/bearings/cables/etc, none of which are cheap items to replace. When I'm traveling with a bike, I always have a ZEAL® Pro Bike Bag with me!

Some of Aarons Highlights
20 years racing MTBs at the Pro/Open/Cat 1 level
8-Time Leadville Trail 100 MTB "Big Buckle" Finisher (2018 10th Overall @ 6:59:40)
7-Time Park City Point 2 Point Sub-8 Hour Finisher (2019 21st Overall @ 6:56:02)
2019 Epic Rides Off-Road Series - 39th Pro/Open Overall 2019 Leadville MTB Race Series - 1st Amateur Overall
2018 Marathon MTB National Championships - 2nd Cat 1 Men 40-44
2016 Fat Bike National Championships - 2nd Cat 1 Men 40-49

Spencer Glasgow

“I can’t explain to you guys enough how much this product has been needed in the bike industry. Never again do I have to thrash my expensive bike and its components when traveling to my races or rides. You guys absolutely nailed the bike bag and I couldn’t be more stoked to see how the rest of the cycling world responds! Thanks again, ZEAL® Pro!”
– Spencer Glasgow

Some of Spencer’s Highlights:

2019 Leadville Trail 100 MTB, #67 overall (7:50:54)
Leadville Trail 100 MTB Finisher (8:54:51) in 2016
2019 CX Crusher in the Tushar #26 in Pro / Open Men
2019 Pro Men Results: 2019 XCO Nationals #41
2018 CenturyLink Leadville Trail 100 MTB, #65 overall (8:06:23)
2017 Leadville Trail 100 MTB, #93 overall, (8:23:41)


If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your ZEAL Pro bike cover, return it for a full refund*.