Triathlon BIKE Protection

Triathlon bike protection that works across all the standard trunk mount (post-mast), tray-based, and roof mount racks to protect your bike while it's on your vehicle-based bike rack.

Expandable handlebar box for aero bars

Triathlon Bag

Expandable Handlebar box for aero bars

Riding some of the most expensive bikes on the planet, we know triathletes have made significant investments in their bikes and training. Where ounces and aerodynamics matter, the last thing you need is something completely out of your control to jeopardize the performance of your bike and ultimately you. While you may not be able to control the weather, you can now control how it impacts your performance. The ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover was created to protect your bike when it’s on your vehicle-based bike rack from the weather, the other bikes on the rack, and a host of other elements that can ruin your ride.

Made from the highest quality nylon and neoprene, the ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover has been successfully tested on the standard vehicle rack types and triathlon bikes from 48 cm to 56 cm (we're working on a cover for larger bikes right now) with all current wheel sizes available for these bikes. Rack types tested include tray-based racks (including roof and hitch) and mast/post style trunk racks (when used with a top tube adapter).

To accommodate triathletes, the ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover includes features such as an expandable handlebar box to ensure there’s adequate room for your aero bars as well as an expanded seat tube to allow your seat and seat-mounted water bottle cages to remain on the bike when using the cover. Because the bike is fully covered, it also enables you to prepare your bike the day before the event and have everything ready for the event and on the bike and bike rack without having to worry about it blowing away when you head out to the event.

So let ZEAL Pro® protect your performance and as part of our commitment to providing you the best experience possible, every cover comes with a 100-day guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not 100% in love with the ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover, return it for a full refund.

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Important Note: If the ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover obscures your vehicle’s taillights, use only with a properly installed ZEAL® Pro Light Kit. The ZEAL® Pro Light Kit is required when using the ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover with trunk or hitch mounted bike racks. Verify that the ZEAL® Pro Light Kit is working properly before driving. For more information on using your ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover safely, please see the Usage Guidelines (


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If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your ZEAL Pro bike bag, return it for a full refund*.

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