eBIKE Protection

Protect Your eBike Investment

Protect your xs-xl ebike on any standard tray style rack while allowing the rack's existing securing mechanisms to pass through the bike/cover combo

Want the best protection for your eBike?  This is it.

The materials used in the construction of the bike cover are the best we could find and the engineering behind it won us two patents.  

Knowing how vulnerable eBikes are to the elements, we started with a blank sheet of paper when we designed the eBike cover, as eBike's have their own special set of requirements.  One fact we couldn't ignore was how much eBike's can weigh.  We had to make sure that the cover could be put on the bike without having to flip the bike over.  So we deviated significantly from our other bike cover designs and created a two-part bike cover.  The bottom part of the cover is like a bath tub, that can be laid on top of your tray-based rack, and secured with integrated nylon straps.  Then, you place your bike in the bottom portion of the cover and into your rack as you normally would, only now the bike is sitting on the bottom section of the cover.  Once the bike is sitting in the bottom section, you simply drop the top portion over the bike, and then zip the cover closed using two different zippers, one on front, and one on back.

Having tested on the most common eBikes available today, we've designed the eBike cover to accommodate the myriad of frame geometries and sizes.  Therefore, the eBike cover is our "universal" cover of sorts, working with the vast majority of bikes using a tray-based rack.  Additionally, we provide an optional accessory, the ZEAL Pro Light Kit that utilizes your vehicle's 4-pin trailer plug to ensure that when the bike/cover combo are behind your vehicle, you’ll continue to have full functioning taillights (including drive, stop, and turn).  Below are some of the bikes we've successfully tested with the eBike cover:

• Aventon (All)
• Blix (Ultra, Sol, Aveny)
• Electric Bike Co (All)
• Jeep (All)
• Lectric (All except Cargo and Trike)
• Magnum (All)
• Rad (All except Trike and Folding)
• Ride1Up (All)
• Specialized (Turbo Tero, Haul ST, Turbo Como (all), Turbo Vado (all)
• Super73
• Trek (Verve (all), Firefly, FX, Dual Sport (all), Loft Go! (all), Allant (all), Townie (all), all Go!, all cruisers
• Werk Surface 604

Our heavy-duty nylon with a waterproof and abrasion resistant backing will protect your eBike better than any other cover out there.

Other design features include:
• Expandable pockets to accommodate front and rear racks up to 14" wide. 
• Front and rear wheel pass-throughs that allow rack straps to pass through for securing to racks with straps
• Reflective logo to help improve visibility at night when the vehicle is parked.

You spent a chunk of change on that eBike.  Don't destroy it by putting it on your bike rack without a cover.

NOTE:  The ZEAL® Pro Bike Covers are NOT recommended for roof racks or any location where excessive wind could create a safety issue

NOTE:  For electric bikes with traditional mountain bike or road bike geometry, we recommend the ZEAL Pro MTB and ZEAL Pro Road bike covers, respectively.

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Important Note: If the ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover obscures your vehicle’s taillights, use only with a properly installed ZEAL® Pro Light Kit. The ZEAL® Pro Light Kit is required when using the ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover with hitch or rear mounted bike racks. Verify that the ZEAL® Pro Light Kit is working properly before driving. For more information on using your ZEAL® Pro Bike Cover safely, please see the Usage Guidelines (https://www.zealpro.com/usage-guidelines/)

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If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your ZEAL Pro bike cover, return it for a full refund*.